• The 1st International Conference on Media Convergence and Artificial Intelligence


  • August 26-29, 2021

  • Beijing,China


  • Committee
  • Conference Chairs:

  • Chien Aun Chan, The University of Melbourne, Australia

    Ivan Lee, University of South Australia, Australia

  • Program Committee Chairs:

  • Zhe Li, Osaka University, Japan

    Liqun Liu, Wuhan University, China

  • Organization Committee Chairs:

  • Jianhua Dai, China University of Political Science and Law, China

    Yun Tie, Zhengzhou University, China

  • Technical Program Committee Chairs:

  • Wenjin Wang, Southeast University, China

    Hai Zhang, Northeast Normal University, China

  • Publication Committee Chairs:

  • Liwei Song, Xidian University, China

    Conference theme
  •        With the rapid development of 5G technology, the intelligence of media has become an irresistible trend and development direction. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has become an important technical tool for media convergence. In recent years, machine learning technology, especially deep learning technology, has achieved great success in speech recognition, target recognition, emotion analysis, image retrieval and so on. The application of data mining, pattern recognition and other artificial intelligence technologies in the field of digital media has promoted the development of media convergence.

  •        In the 5g era, virtual reality(VR), augmented reality (AR), AI, Internet of things (IoT), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), wireless home entertainment, Internet of vehicles (IoV) will be widely used. 5G + AI can not only improve the technical ability of media, but also bring changes to the whole media industry, and promote the rapid development of media form, media pattern, communication channel, communication content, communication scope and user experience.

  •        To further promote the development of media convergence in the 5G era through the exchange of the latest research progress, Communication University of China and Wuhan University jointly organize this International Conference on Media Convergence and Artificial Intelligence (ICMCAI 2021). It aims to provide an international academic exchange opportunity with the theme of media convergence and artificial intelligence for relevant scientific and technological researchers, research institutions and universities.